Accidental Ban

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  • I was trying to download some custom textures for BO1 from "BO1 Custom Camo Mega Pack". While doing this I accidentally input a .iwd file instead of a .iwi into my images folder. Then when I tried to log in it gave me a 401 error. I thought I had misspelt my password and tried 2 or 3 more times, next thing I know it said I'm banned for 7 days. Then I tried logging into my alt account to see if that was also banned, and that caused my ban to double. Now I'm banned for 14 days. Is it possible to get the ban appealed? Not sure why it banned me for just inputting the wrong file type into the images folder. Thanks.

  • @CoffeeLeech You should had read anticheat policy.
    Your fault for going on an alt. They consider as trying to bypass a ban.

  • Thanks for the fast reply. I wish I knew that beforehand.

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