Suggestion for custom guns in T5 Plutonium Multiplayer

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  • I want to see some gun from World at War in T5 Plutonium. I want to to see the PPSH-41, Type 100, Thompson, PTRS-41 and the STG-44 in T5. I want the guns to have their original gun sound effects from World at War in Black Ops 1 Multiplayer if possible. Anyone agree with me

  • I could see the sense of adding the MP-40, PPSH-41, STG-44, Sten, Tokarev, and Mosin-Nagant as those appear in the SP mission "Project Nova" and are not too obsolete or far-fetched from the BO1's cold war timeline. IIRC there is a mod where some of these can be used against combat training bots so it's definitely doable.

    While I do agree with adding these eventually, I don't see it happening anytime soon, and this would need more community support or be introduced through a feature bounty.

  • @Kark I forgot about the Sten

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