My screen is zoomed in and I can't fix it. Help!

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  • I was messing around with the console last night and I seem to have made my screen zoom in to the point where i can't see everything that's on the screen.

  • Is it your resolution or your FOV?

  • u can chage the fov in dvar with cg_fov .

  • My screen is also zoomed in. Here's how it happened. I was spectating players during a game of Ascension zombies waiting to spawn in the next round. They all died and the level restarted but none of the players spawned in. We were all just spectating ourselves with 0 points as the zombies spawned in at round one with no where to go. I left the game and ever since then my screen is zoomed in while in the menu and in game. I have no idea how to fix this.

  • HOW TO FIX!-

    Launch the game
    Press the button below the escape key on your keyboard, a row should appear at the top of your screen for you to type commands
    Type "cg_fov 60" to return to normal FOV
    Press the button below the esc key again to exit the command screen
    You can go above 60 to find an FOV you like more as well.

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