Issues With T5 Zombies

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  • Me and two other friends wanted to play some BO1 zombies today. When I played it with one of my other friends it was fine but now that we are trying it with three people it doesn't work. One person can join just fine but when the third tries it says they could not join the session and it kicks them out. To the second person who joined it looks as if everyone is there and they are then kicked out shortly after and to the host player it looks as if the third player or joined replaced the second player. We've been trying a few things but to no avail and I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else so I wanted to know if we are doing something wrong or if this is a bug that has yet to be reported. Any help is appreciated.

  • im also having issues with zombies, the devs are swamped right now also and its a free project that just came out... it will probably be fixed eventually.

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