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  • Hello,
    When my friends try to join my game in Buried they keep getting the same error. Looks like there are a couple of people who have this problem.
    I don't have a server. They join through port forwarding.
    It is weird since we all downloaded the same repack and we already played town and tranzit without any trouble.
    Please tell if you are having the same issue and thanks in advance.

  • Hi, Having the same issue as well. Tried it with multiple friends, reinstalling plutonium. We also all noticed it is with only with the map buried. Same mismatch error and everything. Read the other threads on this board in regards to this issue with no avail. I hope devs can take a look into this as Buried is kinda S tier.

  • @lewsha Hi, my friends and I have the same problem, only on the buried map. I hope the devs will fix this ..

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