Console report is showcasing hardware limitations

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  • Hi there, everyone!

    I wanted to bring up the concern that after launching Black Ops 1 (T5) from the Plutonium Launcher, the console shows that there is multiple hardware limitations and that the game is possibly not ultilizing resources correctly.


    (This may be due to the config_mp.cfg and conLZM.cfg file values being default, however, when looking for the config file where it normally would be on Steam (Program Files > Steam > Steam Apps > Call of Duty: Black Ops > Players) in this case, wherever you installed the pluto_t5_full_game folder, it doesn't exist.)

    I did manage to find the config_mp.cfg and conLZM.cfg config files in \AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\t5\players, but when changing the values within the files, it doesn't reflect the changes in-game or in the console strings while launching the game.

    (I've attempted this on 3 different PCs with varying specs.)


    The purpose of editing config files in the first place, is that you could manually change values such as binds, RAM limits, CPU GHz speed, advanced graphic settings, and much more.

    You can find and download premade config presets here:

    If anyone would like to try to edit their config file themselves, I recommended watching this video: How to fix COD: BO lag PC (config file location and how to edit them)

    I thought that not being able to change these values could be an issue for a low-end PC that is strugging to run the game or is experincing extreme stuttering and framedrops.

    Let me know if this is something that could help performance, or if I'm crazy.

    Thank you for all your hard work, Plutonium Team! 🤗

  • @lordquacksmith this is most likely just a bug, if the game was actually running at 0.01GHz it would be unplayable. It's not possible to assign a certain amount of clockspeed or ram to the game either, changing those values in the config does nothing. Also the game is 32 bit so it can only use 2GB ram anyways no matter how much you have installed in your pc.

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