f...ing cheaters

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  • Today has been one of those days that I said I'm going to relive 2012 I'm going to get home at lunchtime I'm going to eat and I'm going to play call of duty black ops 2, that I got into the first game I had 1 nuclear vat for double nuclear and a cheater gets into it with wallhack radar and no recoil, well I think it doesn't matter I look for another lobby I go into another one and I find a cheater with aimbot I say well it will be a coincidence, I get into another and another cheater the whole lobby reporting and he was not kicked out of the server this cannot be it has taken away the desire to continue playing and I have gone out to the street as I have done the other days you have to solve this anti cheat please

  • @TryToStopVila
    Do you have any evidence?
    Are you 100% sure that they were cheating?

  • You have to take in account that most of these players have been playing cod on pc since well before plutonium existed and since they are mouse players they have a level of accuracy and speed that is impossible to replicate on controller.

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  • @TryToStopVila

    Well I personally have been playing absolutely all Plutonium Launcher CODs for 2 years now and I have never had a cheating experience.

    In fact, about 30 people a day get banned, and all the different streamers I've seen come to the conclusion that Plutonium's anticheat is quite effective.

    Maybe your conclusion was a false positive, or maybe you were extremely unlucky.

    Whatever the case, next time record your screen so that you have evidence to ban these people.


  • i heard theater mode works on Bo2 (but not bo1 yet)
    u can use theater mode to watch the past game and prove it.

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