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  • i think its stupid that there is no bo3 plutonium because we want to play cracked online with our friends and we would appreciate it.

  • @Pablo7 are you going to pay the cost when the get sued? This is asked SO MANY times.
    Use the search function!

  • @Pablo7 "I want free games, it's so stupid that several people don't work for months for free just because I want free games and won't buy them or contribute, but I deserve those free games!"

    I hope it won't happen. It's very often asked by entitled people like you, just buy the game

  • @Resxt the thing is, i have bought the game. there's a problem; the game is riddled with cheaters. personally i would support the development so the devs dont have to work for free. heck i'd even buy plutonium if it was a paid service, all i want really is the anti-cheat of plutonium so i can get on BO3 and play without cheaters everywhere.

    i very much hope it will happen, the devs have my support.

    also, some people cant afford games and that's why they inquire about BO3 so much because its £60 still...

  • @VixenSashi The Pluto devs won't add a game just to create an anticheat. There needs to be other reasons as well. Plus since Activision is still making money off of BO3, creating a client would just lead to a C&D. I acknowledge the fact that you bought the game, but the main reason that most people want it is that they don't want to buy the game so they just pester the Pluto devs to do it for free

  • @Pablo7 Well, the Plutonium devs doesn't have plans to add BO3 to Plutonium due to the reasons they told previously about Activision sues.

    Anyway, if you don't want to buy BO3 at it's general price because is still expensive (60 USD) to be a 6 year old game.

    You can buy the game by a cheaper price (less than 10 USD) on argentinian Steam using a VPN and gift cards with the currency of Argentina (ARS) for Steam.

    The Steam Summer Sale is coming this week, so you probably could buy the game by less than 5 USD, as BO3 would probably be at 67% off.

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