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    1. Hello, i have a problem. If i create the game, I can't forbid using ak 74u and intervention on the server. they can't be selected in the ban menu, nor can I add them to my lobby's default classes. Fix this in the next update.

    2. I know, in mw3 have texture this guns, add them please in the next update:
      aug hbar
      m14 ( variable zoom scope ) - is in the company
      rsass ( hamr scope ) - is in the company
      gold desert eagle
      desert eagle (extendet mags, silencer attachment)

    3. i know, in mw3 hidden opportunity put professions on secondary weapons (pistol, pp), such as 2 modules, recoil, etc. Add them please in the next update:

    Excuse me, I speak English a little.

  • @Black-maks If you want to use those weapons, you will have to port them and add compile them into a mod and create a server. I have ported the AUG, M9, Vector, M240, RPD, and some others but most of them are incomplete

  • @Bubbles its cool, maybe you can give me please a link to download your mod ? i want to test it

  • @Black-maks It's not done yet, and I'm not sure how long it will be until I finish it since I don't actively do weapon ports anymore. I'm more into map porting

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