How Is MWR Client being made but not BO3?????

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  • You don't have to tell me "its been answered countless times" thats BS your "aNsWeR" to this. You devs try to say bo3 is "fUnCtIonAl" and "wOrKinG" maybe if your delusional and blind and deaf it works! 9 out of 10 lobbys are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY HACKED ( PC AND CONSOLE COMBINED) it is LITERALLY. 110. PERCENT. UN PLAYABLE. IT IS THE WORST HACKED COD RIGHT NOW. WHAT ELSE DO WE NEED TO SAY? BO3 IS A METROPOLIS OF HACKERS NOW........ YOU CAN GET YOUR WHOLE COMPUTER TAKEN OVER PLAYING IT BUT THATS SAFE TO YOU???????????????? LoL god I wish the H1 MWR crew would just do this already. Mwr has a client now and is a YEAR newer than bo3 so HOW IS THIS NOT POSSIBLE?? LITERALLY H1 COMES WITH EVERYTHING UNLOCKED FROM THE DEPOT. AND SO DOES S1X. I'm not tryna be a douch i appreciate what you guys do ALOT, but man some people really really really love BO3 Even if you guys hate it as it seems. not being able to play multiplayer on my favorite cod ever at ALL anymore just BREAKS MY HEART. I know yall will do nothing but I am just one of THOUSANDS who are upset that BO3 is completely decimated and UN PLAYABLE ASF. Also zombies is dead AF on PC and console. can barely find anyone to play with

  • "I'm not tryna be a douch" well typing all caps and making it seems like we owe you anything or that there is no reason why BO3 was not made yet (while we just released BO1, as if we could work on multiple games at the same time)

    The thing is that everyone who asks for BO3 is very often either asking for free games or not asking the right way at all so idk if the devs are willing to work on this game some day but I can see that the community matches the game's quality

  • @Resxt i type in all caps because we (ME and EVERYONE) say the game is destroyed and it flys over your guys heads..!! I understand you guys got ALOT on your plate. BUT DONT ACT LIKE WE ARE CRAZY PLEASE. JUST ACKNOWLEDGE US THAT THE GAME IS DESTROYED! Its simply the truth. its absolutely UNPLAYABLE not matter WHAT console your on. My $60 purchase is LITERALLY unplayable. which is why i sold my PS4 that i bought it legit on so many hackers every lobby, same as PC so BOTH my purchases of the game are USELESS

  • @HXBES ok but we're not responsible for it nor did we ever mention we will "fix" every Call of Duty games or anything lol
    I just find it funny how it's almost like it's our fault or that we owe people something or that not working on every single COD doesn't make any sense

    You should learn what a mod is, it's literally people working on their free time, for free to make games they like better. So if the team doesn't care about BO3 (for example) that's their choice.
    If they don't want to get in legal trouble, if they think they will be, that's their problem.
    Be honest for a minute, you're not the one who would face any of those legal issues.
    Being careful isn't being stupid or anything.

    Anyways, the team never said they would work on BO3 and imo don't need to nor do they need to justify themselves.

    I'm not involved in any of this but if I was in the team I would ask to never work on that seeing how annoying and awful people are whenever it comes to this game..

    "my purchases of the game are USELESS" IT'S NOT OUR FAULT OR OUR PROBLEM that's what you don't seem to understand

  • @Resxt whatever ill just pray somebody else makes it and brings back the glory days of S&D. idk how youd get into legal trouble if H1 is a thing with even more cosmetics than bo3 had and its a newer game still. I never said you guys owed us 1 thing but dam youd think if thousands of thousands of people wanted something . youd consider it... ONE DAY IN THE FUTURE. I guess not. The customer is always wrong ( I know you cant accept payment directly for clients, but me and many others would donate $60 for " a cup of Coffee" to the devs just to see bo3 again... just saying... id personally donate 100 to see BO3 multi again

  • You literally paid 0$ to download Plutonium, you're not a customer.
    Anyways I'm gonna end the conversation here since it's useless and I'm not responsible for any of the work done on the projects.
    The team will do as they please and you can always ask somewhere else or create your own client.
    I wonder why no one else worked on this game if so much people want it?

  • @Resxt dude it was supported for 4 YEARS because of how many people played it..... it was a great cod

  • @Resxt and i said i would donate to be able to play bo3 again. try reading what i said again. im sure others would donate too. i know im not technically a customer "right now" im not stupid. i would BECOME a customer for BO3. Thats what i clearly said. i thought that one was easy enough to figure out. i guess not

  • @HXBES
    you know pluto is to bring back life into the great old cods not to get little 12 yrs olds like you all the free new games they want.
    if you wanna play zm on bo3 buy it, you wanna play mp without hackers buy it on ps4 or xbox one. end of debate lol

  • @Tentha lmfao calls me a 12 year old but cant clearly see when i wrote " I bought it on PC AND PS4 " Maybe read next time mr braindead. Im level 1000 PS4 BO3 after level 100 reset. ive played every cod since release since WaW in 08. (Besides the new CODs mw19 and after that are flaming garbage piles)

  • @HXBES
    you got it on pc and console? then there is no reason for you to cry about it. and yea you are a 12 year old if you feel the need to swear at us all and call us names just because you didn't get what you wanted.

  • @Tentha its literally completely hacked on ps4 and PC so thats why i complain lmaoooooooooooo but continue to not read a single word i say. ( ive only wrote that 5 times now or 6) lol maybe thats why you get insulted you cant read ( if thats what you wanna call an insult haha I wasnt even trying to upset you but OK Snowflake) also never swore once so go back and find that one for me

  • @Tentha why dont you go play BO3 on PS4 or xbox and see how many lobbies you get without somebody infinite active camo or infinite heat wave. it completely broke the game and drove everybody who played it away. its literally hackers vs hackers on bo3 from what ive heard now. ON CONSOLE. On PC its just very dead, and mostly hackers. so yea maybe dont speak out your ass and people wont get mad at you. bo3 is the most hacked call of duty to DATE

  • @HXBES
    I am on ps4 and I can say it's not hacked since almost no one has a cfw ps4 and goes online

  • This discussion will not lead to any results. Attacking each other does not seem necessary.
    Plutonium modifies these games in their free time. Working on something like this does not take 20mn. it is a job that requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of time. I suppose a lot of time is used just to fix problems and mentor stable clients.

    Never mind understanding why one cod exists and the other does not at the moment. The risk of a lawsuit is always there.

    I as a student in infromatics esteem Plutonium for all the effort they put into mentoring clients.

    If you feel a client for BO3 is necessary, create it. If you are not able, study and try if it is so important for you to have a client for BO3.

  • @Tentha its not HACKED TECHNICALLY. its all INFINITE SPECIALIST ABILITIES THROUGH GLITCHES THAT BREAK THE GAME. its basically hacking without jailbreaking

  • @Sorex I am NOT trying to attack him. I'm just frustrated that some people dont like to read

  • @Tentha calls me 12 year old then posts 12 year old memes... LOL

    L to you

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