What will be next for putonium

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  • Before Dss0 gets mad i am not at all asking for you to put out a new game so you don't have to lock my post this is just for ideas because I think it would be cool if mw2 was on the plutonium launcher along with bo2 campaign mw3 survival and cod 4 all accessible from the launcher of course there are still things to be patched like server issues and launcher problems, and no, black ops 3 and advanced and/or infinite warfare should not be added both of them are absolutely garbage honest I would rather go back to the first cod over bo3 at least i will have fun knowing I'm playing a game from 2003 instead of those monstrosities

  • @BrettMods Right now there are no plans to add other titles to Plutonium. This may change in the future.

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