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  • Hello (to whom it may concern)

    I was wondering if you guys have considered adding 1.5 minute round timers for Search and Destroy. Me and my buddy play BO1 on console a lot and they have 1.5 minute round timers as an option on there. It's for competitive, the Xbox Console
    community has been playing for awhile now and that's what they do on there.
    Would greatly appreciate if you would add this option

    Thank you

  • Thank you for the response,

    But this isn't what I mean. In the custom games lobby there should be an option for 1.5 minute rounds, the link you sent me is for a private server. Right now in custom/private games the lowest time limit for all game modes is 2.5 minutes. Check out this video i linked to see what i'm talking about:

  • @GraNuLaTe this is not for servers, the game and servers are mostly the same, this is just a dvar for the snd gamemode.
    If you start an SND game and paste scr_sd_timelimit "1.5" into the console and press enter you will see the time is 01:30, so this is what you're looking for.

    To make it easier I recommend binding it to a key for example bind P "scr_sd_timelimit 1.5" will change the time limit whenever you press P, so do it whenever you get in-game when the pre-match timer is on or whatever.

    I highly doubt Plutonium will make an update any time soon to add more times in this menu so my answer is probably the best. Or host a private/local dedicated server so that the option is permanent

    Also FYI you should ping people on the forum otherwise we don't see your answers.
    I only saw it because I left the page opened


  • thank you guys for adding a 1.5 minute timer it allowed @GraNuLaTe to chall me love god

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