How to add new Perk Machines to maps?

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  • I've seen some servers in the server list (Some I can note is Astro and Naisu Extreme on TranZit) add in custom perks that never previously existed in the map, such as PhD, Deadshot and Mule Kick. I'm entirely new to the modding scene for COD Zombies in general so I wouldn't know how to do this sort of thing. How would I do this sort of thing for myself on MoTD for example to add in Stamin-Up? I assume it's some sort of plugin that the servers use, is there a way I can do this just for solo play?

  • @Real_RUBB3R There are mods on forum that do this I believe. If not you can write your own GSC script to add it in(that's how they do it).

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