Plutonium Overlay Missing Network and friends list

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  • So I fired up plutnium after some time after I finally got a static ip from my ISP. But after launching, I was happy to see my NAT:OPEN but when I press f10, all I see is Servers List. If i remember there was a network section and a friends list section. I need that network section to check upnp and ip address. Can yalll help me? IK i can just use my ip and cmd but I really appreciated that network tab. any help would be appreciated. Im attaching an image for better understanding.
    no network .png

  • Use the in-game friends list.
    You don't need both of the tab you mentioned, it should now work without anything on your side.
    If it doesn't then port forward port 3074 (UDP), that's all you need

    Read here

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