How can I make the server having password or set max clients?

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  • I need to play private matches with friends but even if I put set g_password "password" in the cfg in the list it appear it have a password but everyone can join, or i also can just do maxclients 2 instead of 4 but there's not these options in the bo1 zombies config, how can i do private servers / games? Help please

  • @Love-Seeker stop making multiple posts a admin will reply to 1 post not 3

  • If you are talking about Hardware, then you can buy a Google Cloud Server, AWS server or Rackspace server.  These servers are very fast and a great way to host a website.  However, they do cost money.  If you are looking to make a website but do not want to pay monthly, then you can try using a free Virtual Private Server. !

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