Gun progression not working

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  • Hi there!

    Im dont know if this issue has todo with the mw3 bots mod, something on my pc or plutonium itself, but im going to post this issue here as a start.

    Basically, anything I do, doesn't earn me xp points towards any weapons im using. I do however still rank up and unlock weapons, but all of the attachments are unlocked by default.

    I dont know if this is a bug or a feature, but please help!

  • @Gunscrusader if you have run unlockall command, you have everything unlocked.

  • @Gunscrusader You are probably playing Private Match. Private Match Crate a Class has everything unlocked by default (by design from the original developers) so you can have fair fights with your friends. Private Match IS NOT ranked, meaning that you will not get any XP for the kills you're making. We patched the Create a Class menu to always use public stats because people were commonly modifying the wrong classes, resulting in complaints like "I made a class and it doesn't work in-game what the fuck???"

  • Hi sorry for taking so long to reply.

    Thank you for replying!

    I am aware of the private match not being ranked. I tested this on a locally hosted server.

    Progression seems to work while playing on other public servers (bot servers included), but not on a locally hosted server it seems. Something i also noticed is that i got some experience at the start of the first server match, but after a while, i stopped getting experience at all, even in new local server matches from there forward. The kills keep getting added to the marksman and expert challenges though...

    I followed the server setup documents exactly along with the mod setup, and the fastdl setup. The server works, but it is not listed, so i connect to it via the connect command with the ip address. I then add bots to the server and i am then able to play vs bots.

    As for the unlock all, i did not press it. I noticed that it was all locked again. I think i was in a private lobby for that earlier. Sorry about that!

    Did i miss some sort of config in the server config file? Or is my server set to private or something to cause this?

    Thanks again for all your help, and sorry again for the late reply!

  • The mod im using is:

    Im using no other mods

  • I sorted out the issue.

    I reinstalled both plutonium and mw3, but i think my issue was that i was using steam's mw3 multiplayer, instead of the dedicated server from steam. My bad XD

    Sorry for causing any trouble

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