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  • So basically the reason why t7 (bo3) would never happen is because it a more recent game and possibly could be shut down by Activision. But with the new H1 Mod (mwr) which a even more recent cod title than bo3, could we possibly see a t7 mod in the near future? Obviously H1 just came out but if all goes well would it be something to change the pluto devs minds?

  • @x-Blitz MWR is a dead game. Activision still makes money from BO3. Plus the only thing Pluto would be able to do with BO3 is get an anticheat working which isn't worth it. The main reason why most people want a BO3 client is because they see Pluto as a way to get the game for free

  • @x-Blitz Well, I think the Pluto devs doesn't want to bring BO3 into Plutonium because they would think isn't worth it due to an existing mod support on BO3 Steam version and other things related.

    The only thing to add to a custom BO3 client would be a good anti-cheat. But, I don't think the devs would want to work on a project they previously said that would represent a high risk on getting sued by Activision.

  • @x-Blitz There already is a T7 client under development so there isn't a reason for us to work on it.

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