player_sprintUnlimited command doesn't seem to function.

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  • What you guys have accomplished with Plutonium is priceless. I could sincerely count my nitpicks with a single hand. One of those nitpicks, however, is the way the Console Commands work (particularly in Zombies, since that is the only gamemode I use them on).
    If it's just me doing something wrong or that I don't have a full grasp of how they function, please do let me know. I am aware that some of the commands are 'cheat protected' and require you to be in a Custom game for them to work. Then there are commands like player_meleeRange that do work in Solo games without Cheats enabled, etc. Then there commands like player_sprintUnlimited (the one I unfortunately happen to be the most interested in using) that straight up don't function despite being turned on for reasons I am totally unaware of. The worst part about it is that the boostrapper isn't telling me whether or not the command is cheat protected and when I pull up the Console Commands, it shows that the command is active and yet my character still cannot sprint more than a yard.

    I'm in the dark here.
    Please let me know if there's something I am doing wrong or if there is some kind of fix on the way.
    If you're reading this, thank you for your time.


  • @Unfunny_Umi This dvar like a lot of dvars probably isn't implemented in the stock game. So its registered as a dvar but it doesn't actually do anything. I'd recommend using a GSC script and giving the player unlimited sprint that way.

  • @JezuzLizard
    Thank you!
    If it wouldn't trouble you, would you happen to be able to refer me to a script for that?
    I'll be doing my own searching, but it'd make my life a lot easier if you could link me a script that I can make into a GSC file. I'm relatively new to PC gaming in general, so it's been taking me a lot of time to figure this all out, to be honest.

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