Modding Issues

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  • So, I tried to load Reimagined and Renaissance , and both don't work, tried looking at the log, and figuring out the errors myself, and found some that may be interesting to point out (I should say, I don't know how the game was coded, so maybe these errors don't actually mean anything):

    these warns show up when I load Renaissance, and then the game crashes:

    WARNING: Could not find zone '%gamelocation%\pluto_t5_full_game\zone\english\patch_ui.ff'

    WARNING: Could not find zone 'A:\Games\pluto_t5_full_game\zone\english\en_plutonium_ui.ff'

    got a lot of unknown dvar warns:


    and some errors at the beginning of execution:

    Could not find script 'clientscripts/_destructible'
    Could not find script 'clientscripts/_zombiemode'

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