BO1 Clan about worshipping the "molodaya bilibobism" ideology.

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  • I'm looking for members to create a clan about "molodaya bilibobism" - an ideology that entirely revolves about the way molodaya bilibob plays and also the culture of the character himself.

    To make things simple: this clan is about replicating the play style of molodaya bilibob and assimilate it to yourself, so if you are interrested you will do the exact same class and play exactly like him while wearing our clan tag, [MFXI].

    The goal of the clan is to become hated and known as an indicator for cancerous players because they will all play in the "molodaya bilibob way" which is cancerous, you will see and get why once you play it. And also as a tribute to molodaya bilibob himself.

    The goal that YOU have, even right now, is to do GOOD in the game, and molodaya bilibobism will grant you exactly that by following the great molodaya bilibob's sophisticated and unrivaled combat techniques.

    If people hate you in a video game, then you truly won.

    To truly join the clan, you will have to be at least a little bit good, if you're not doing good
    which would be less than 2 KDR, then you are not eligible.

    Here is what you will have to do:

    Create the "molodaya bilibob class":
    -Famas with grenade launcher
    -Rocket launcher (RPG)
    -(any lethal or tactical grenade you want)
    -Flak jacket
    -Sleight of hand
    -Last stand

    -ONLY CAMPING, especially in Nuketown in the houses, it is molodaya bilibob's signature map.

    -Use the [MFXI] clan tag, but ONLY if you do the molodaya bilibob strategy.

    -Leave and rejoin the server to reset your KDR if it drops under 2.

    -Never EVER talk in the chat even if people tell you death threats or say you are cheating.

    If anyone is interested to propagate the genius of molodaya bilibob, let's get in touch.

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