Lagging Issue

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  • I installed a MW3 mod known as "Bot Warfare" (adds bots into the game). When I went into private matches that are hosted by me, I kept lagging like crazy, I stutter all over the place and inputs taking as long as 5 seconds to respond. This is before I added the bots in, which have no problem in obliterating me.

    I just downloaded the Plutonium version of MW3, so I do not know whether its just me or the version of the mod I'm playing. Also, my ping is registering at 10-20 even though I'm lagging.

  • Do you have any other script/mod or whatever and did you modify your files in any way?
    I just tried it and I don't have any issue.

    You said that it happens before spawning bots, are you sure it comes from Bot Warfare? If you delete the mod is it still lagging?

  • @Resxt No other scripts/mods were active when I played it and none of the files were modified.

    As for the mod, there indeed was no lag when I removed it. So there must be something wrong with the mod, but I do not know what it caused. The mod is the latest version, so its not due to an outdated code...

  • @Dagger101 it could be that the bots are quite CPU intensive, meaning it has caused your self-dedicated server (your rig) to lag, resulting in you lagging too.

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