`Zom` folder conflicts with Dead Ops Arcade (Private Game)

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  • While trying to play dead ops in a private match you will have a error that tells you it cannot find a include for zombies, and this is correct sense dead ops is technically a SP mission. The reason you will get his error is due to the zm_spawn_fix that pluto added to fix player spawns in zombies. However you do not need this file while playing dead ops in a private game, so the only way to launch the game is to remove the file from the zom folder. Pluto should look into fixing this, like if the map is launching zombietron it should not load that folder at all(Tbh it shoulnt even load that file anyway sense its not a zombies map). And if there is a problem in servers with the spawn for dead ops, make a patch for it and then just use the zombietron folder to add the script to fix that.

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