Why won't BO3 be added to Pluto?

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  • I've already read previous posts upon Pluto entirely declining the game, but the whole point of this post is to see a valid explanation from any official Pluto staff as to why the game will not or at least anytime soon, be on Plutonium. (In other words, I couldn't find exactly why Pluto said no to adding BO3 to Plutonium)

    Side note: I know this seems Provocative and what I can actually infer (or at least the first few sentences of this paragraph), but despite how often updates (or patches) are being applied to BO3 and how engaged Activision & Treyarch are upon the game itself, it seems to clearly indicate potential full-on modding with the game. After all, the whole purpose of the games that Plutonium currently offers is to not only ofc bring back the older era of the call of duty series, but also to allow a full unique modding experience. I feel like BO3 is in that patch where as said before, it's not really being focused on and sort of drying up in monthly plays nowadays. Sure if you do the numbers and round them, they may average to 1.5k to 2k plays each month, but I don't see how that could really compare to more newer CoD games like bo4, cold war, and vanguard. What I'm saying is, future games that could be potentially added into Plutonium should be games that aren't really receiving too much spotlight anymore and that have that nice sense of nostalgia. By doing so, including communities like this one will definitely bring back spotlight onto the game and allow new and epic modding experiences. To conclude this side note, I'm not begging or necessarily trying to convince the staff or Pluto entirely to finally include this game, but I'm just saying instead of fully declining this game, (or at least until a staff member gives me the needed information to take back what I said) just progressively, as time does its thing, consider it and see when the time comes as to finally including the game in Plutonium.

  • Searching on the forum I found more than 900 results and we did clear answers several times.
    It already has everything the team could add and it could lead to legal issues, no need to say more.

    "But no you won't get sued blabla" well it's not you taking the risk and if the team believes they can get in trouble that's their choice to not want to risk anything. The game still makes a shit ton of sales from overpriced DLCs, lootboxes, black market and whatever

    The game has everything a client could add, why waste months to re-do what already works fine on Steam?

    The only viable argument is that we could add an anticheat but I highly doubt the team wants to work on a game for months just to add an anticheat

    https://forum.plutonium.pw/search?term=black ops 3&in=titlesposts&matchWords=all&sortBy=relevance&sortDirection=desc&showAs=posts

  • @Resxt I understand more now. This was something I kind of predicted as I was writing this question, in terms of legal stuff. Thanks for informing me on this.

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