appl is not configured

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  • imagen_2022-07-09_172832138.png Hello, today I got this error that happened to almost all the people who have Plutonium, I saw the posts that people send on this topic and in the CMD I had to put a command, I put the command and it does not work but there is a post that I call the attention and manage to remove the error by deleting a system file that if I remember correctly was Skidrow "Ghost" anyway... Does anyone know where that file can be found?!

  • @prescot if you wanted to play Black Ops 2 on Plutonium, you could've just downloaded the version Pluto provides. Campaign is not supported nor maintained by the devs, so you play at your own risk.

    If you want to find the file again, you probably need to torrent/install the game again.

  • @Emvek I already did delete the game/launcher and install it but it didn't work or i think i misunderstood.

    This is the post that caught my attention. 6e2e7335-5f52-4d94-bb6a-bce697222faa-image.png

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