Frequent frame drops/stutters from high CPU usage

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  • Hi, I've been getting sudden frame drops constantly, in every server I've tried. I notice I get high CPU usage every time I get frame drops, this usage comes from the Plutonium Bootstrapper process, thus the GPU usage lowers at the same time.

    Every time the frames come back up, a new line shows up in the console. It is either "Not allowing server to override saved dvar 'cg_fov' " or "Downloading avatar for client #X..."

    I know I'm playing in an old system, but is this supposed to happen? It is capable enough to run the vanilla game at high settings with no problems, why doesn't it run Plutonium smoothly? Thanks.

    I already tried correctly reinstalling Plutonium and the game itself, I already tried several graphic settings, not even the lowest solved the problem. I also tried disabling fullscreen optimization for Plutonium Bootstrapper. Help please.

    My operating system is pretty well optimized, it never fills up the RAM, and the idle CPU usage is pretty minimal (2%-5%). Both CPU and GPU usage are around 40%-50% when running fine (until the frame drops). Temps are totally fine all the time. RAM usage doesn't change during stutters, never goes above 3GB. This only happens when running Plutonium.
    Core 2 Duo 8500 (@3.47ghz)
    4GB of RAM (2X2GB @439mhz each)
    Radeon R7 240 1GB
    128GB SSD

    Thanks again.

  • I learned that the "not allowing server to override saved dvar 'cg_fov' " appears everytime I spawn and it's not causing any stutters, but the "downloading avatar for client #" does. Is there a way from stopping this?

    I also did more testing in a local private match and there was still stutters but much less frequent and barely noticeable. I guess this part of the problem does come from my old hardware, but online matches are borderline unplayable. Are there any fixes I haven't tried apart from playing in a high-end system? Thanks again.

    P.S. Windows is installed in SSD and MW3 in a HDD. Would it make a difference moving MW3 to the SSD?

  • Moving the game to an SSD could make a difference yes.
    Also make sure your FPS are capped to your monitor HZ (or at least that it's not too high or set to 0)

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