Integrated / Dedicated GPU Issue

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  • Hey there, I have a problem i hope you can help me with this.

    I have a gaming laptop here are the GPUs:
    GPU integrated - Radeon Vega 8
    Nvidia GTX 1050

    The thing is when I try to play with the Nvidia GPU, every time i try to move the game drop the fps from 200 to 15 or 20, that make the game so laggy; so when i change to the integrated everything works well.

    I updated all my nvidia gpu drivers, i set the best setting for performance and it looks like the BO2 it is not optimized for nvidia, I told a friend to install it who has a gaming laptop with nvidia 960 and he got the same problem as me, he changed to his integrated in this case intel HD and works fine as me.

    Another issue:

    It is weird for me to change the “plutonium-bootstrapped-win32.exe” from my gpu dedicated to the integrated, from nvidia control panel i know all the settings to change to the “cpu-gpu integrated”, even thought i set the graphics setting from windows, search the game in this case is “plutonium-bootstrapped-win32.exe” and put the “power saver” that means the integrated gpu, so when I try to open the game it runs with gpu dedicated :), i go back to graphics windows settings and it changes by itself to high performance… what did i do to open the game with the integrated ? Through device management and unable the gpu dedicated, but it’s a little bit weird, I hope you can help me with theses 2 problems, if you need more information or pictures let me know, regards

  • @ElMataReyes any updates?

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