Missing config file "default_mp_controls.cfg"

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  • So ngl, I found this free version of bo2 off of steamunlocked cause im broke as shit, and when i try to run it through pluto it says "Missing config file default_mp_controls.cfg".. I seen the one page made in July 27, 2021 but I couldn't find the folder needed to run the game, since this bo2 is from steamunlocked the folder looks slightly differently and I have no idea wtf im doing anyways so please help if ya don't mind. Thanks!

  • This error means that some files are broken or missing.
    Note that the majority of cracks remove multiplayer/online files since it cannot be used in the first place so it might be what's happening here.

    We only support files given in our install doc.
    Either buy the game on Steam or use our torrent.

    You can also try to repair your broken files but it's not really recommended although it might work and again we won't help with this

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