an error occurred while creating a non matchmaking session

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  • Everytime I enter the game and try to acess the servers pressing F10 because I can't acess the online, I have to resetstats.
    After resetstats and join a any game, I can only play until the round 5, and then I'm getting kicked of the server with the error: IMG_20220711_183309_940.jpg
    I tried to reinstall the game, unable the Firewall, nothing fixed the problem, pls help.

  • 2 things:

    The problem is solved, but idk which solved, so I'm gonna say what I've done.


    I told my friend to enter my account to see if the problem was there. He entered with no problem, so I think it's not the solution. However, try it, maybe it could solve the problem.


    I asked him to port forward on Windows Firewall the port 4976. If you don't know how to do this, here's a tutorial:,36451.html

    I hope it helps anyone with the problem.

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