some dude cheating

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  • @Dss0 what happened to my post about the hacker? I posted a video of him cheating yesterday now I can't find the post

  • @310lbDiscordMod i moved it to our internal staff section of the forum as we do with valid cheater reports.

  • @Dss0 This is annoying af. He just joined and hacked in my lobby and had a buddy with him kept saying I was the imposter and got me temp banned for 4 weeks. A server admin joined and said I was hacking lol this is fkn ridiculous. I took another video. Admin was QUEST. I sent the Quest admin the video and still banned. I think they are working together. Can someone do something about this hacking filth. I went to their discord and he has 10 friends in there trying to frame me. They convinced a Spanish speaking admin to perm ban me from their server. Get the hacker and his buddies out please. Feel free to check my PC all background apps anything.!



  • they got me kicked from their discord also. This is insane. A hacker and his 10 friends working to get me banned is pretty crazy. Do admins here not have ability to whitelist someone? I think the TH clan has some hackers in it and they all work together to defend each other because he kept mentioning the clan in the discord and saying I was cheating and how he is in that clan so he cant cheat. And of course the admins only speak spanish so the hacking team can say whatever and they will believe it.

    Edit: I think the hackers original account is TH Reciply because when I went to report the hackers other account earlier, it said there are several names under this account or something and reciply was one of them. Not sure if staff has ability to check

  • @310lbDiscordMod how do we know if you're telling the truth

  • @Dss0 the hacker team is reading my forum post also because they kept posting the video I recorded of the hacker in discord. Send me a private message please if needed I can give u some contact info

  • For people who haven't seen my original post the hacker changed his username and copied mine to make it look similar so he could trick people to report me when he hacks with the similar name. Hacker made an account named 310ibDiscordMod with a capital I to make it look like a lowercase L. As you can see from the lobby leaderboard in the video, there is a second account hacking using the similar username

  • just avoid playing on that specific server, you'll be better off playing on other servers.

  • ^This. Server owners can ban you for any reason and we will not interfere with that.

    While it is on us to filter out servers that are breaking our rules and abusing the modability, like servers blocking you from disconnecting by normal means. It does not mean we are moderating the servers and force them to unban someone. It's their server und if they want to be unfair to their players its their decision since they are paying for the server, however you as the players can in return decide to not fill that kind of server up anymore.

    @310lbDiscordMod said in some dude cheating:

    the admins only speak spanish

    It's always either the french or the spanish servers that are messes like that.

  • Ah yeah that makes sense. In regards to people hacking on Plutonium though, do staff here have ability to perm ban someone off plutonium on every server for cheating?

  • We normally don't manually ban players, only when the evidence is REALLY strong.

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