zombies server shows up only in t4 multiplayer

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  • EDIT: I needed to generate a separate key for zombies and to get a key for zombies i needed to select the waw mp option twice in the server key options dropdown menu at https://platform.plutonium.pw/serverkeys

    I have a MP free-for-all server that works just fine with the ports forwarded and server is joinable and playable so my network setup shouldn't be an issue here but when I use the "!start_zm_server.bat" to start a zombies server it only shows up in the server browser if your running the t4 multiplayer client and doesn't show up in t4 co-op/zombies client... In
    T4 co-op/zombies client I see a bunch of zombies servers but not mine; If I launch the T4 multiplayer client I see a bunch of multiplayer servers and my zombie server but if you try to join it then it says "Server is a different version: COD_WaW"..... Am I missing something when it comes to running a zombies server?

    Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

  • Can you screenshot your version of https://platform.plutonium.pw/serverkeys ?

  • @Xerxes I litrally just figured it out. I needed a zombies server key.

    You have to click the WaW key option twice to get zombies.

  • Yeah its the most obvious thing that it could be, seems like someone broke something regarding that menu.
    Glad you could figure your issue out.

    Edit: Eldor just pushed a fix for it, you might have to refresh the page forcing it to ignore your cache to work.

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