Banned upon logging in

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  • I was playing with my mate with a casual zombie game in T6. Right after, I download BO2Z Toolbox to try it in my own solo game / custom game (by my lonesome). Have died several times from noclipping through closed areas. After all those, I shut my PC down because I have nothing else to do. I guess this may be the reason I'm banned, but BO2Z Toolbox explicitly said don't use it online, so that's why I did it. Or does "online" count as being logged in?

    My mates then again invited me to play some ZM. Opened the launcher, it says I was logged out or something about error occurred while logging in. I tried logging in, but it seems my first password input was wrong. So, I tried my other password, then it prompted me I'm banned for 7 days.

  • @takokek need to press button beside the play button before launching otherwise you are "Online" and can be banned for cheating, even when in a solo match.

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  • Upon reading the rules since I saw some cases the same as mine, I guess it's my fault for not using LAN mode, does that mean I have to wait out the 7 days, is that correct? Or is there a way for me to appeal this?

  • @takokek yes you have to wait. We don't do appeals

  • Yeah I also got banned for no reason. I know you don't do appeals but I just want to let you know this. I was playing some zombies in bo2 and everything was normal. I then switch to multiplayer for one match. After that match was finished I left the game and got off for work. I get back from work and when I try to log back in, I'm banned. No clue why. I didn’t have any cheats.

  • yup i got banned after my pc crashed on a game of solo zombies never cheated never broke guidelines always played without issues.

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