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  • When i press server list or private match, or click on barracks or callsign the game just says "connecting to online services..." for like a minute and then this53edc975-6cee-4e13-811e-5811c45b47a9-image.pngIf i press on private match it'll say something about IWnet being down. This issue is already here for like 2 days and im wondering if theres a fix? thanks. version r3266

  • Probably something on your end blocking Pluto - could be a 3rd party firewall, AV, your ISP, etc. Try a VPN, if you get past that screen with no connectivity issues, then it's caused by one of the things I listed above.

  • @HannesC vpn works but its not infinite and not ideal for playing. also this only started happening 3 days ago. i didnt install any windows updates or software that time.

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