Help:FPS drops often and mouse pointer lagging.

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  • For 2 months pluto iw5 fps drops often when playing, this never happened before 2months ago. It happens after an pluto launcher update. I can't play game. But meanwhile teknomw3 client runs the game smoothly at high settings on the same laptop tha i am using to play pluto iw5(mw3). I tried everything but none of them helped. My guess is plutonium launcher causes the fps drop. Give me a solution if anyone have. I really want play on plutonium becuase it has more players playing on it.

  • @normal-fighter You can possibly try and use the method Pluto team has provided (meaning you download base files from Steam (MP Server files), and then manually downloading DLCs). I haven't experienced such stutters, and I also have Tekno files (which is probably not recommended).

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