Help Connecting Game Files To Launcher

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  • Hey I'm new to PC gaming, and one of my friends recommended Plutonium to me. I got it to work in a couple of hours on my previous Acer laptop, but that one has since broken. I am on a Victus now and cannot get Plutonium to work. I am using qBittorrent (the recommended Windows 64 version) and I do not already own Black Ops 2 on steam. I'm just asking for some help here, I have no IT experience and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot my problems.

    I followed the steps on the website of course, I have a file named "Games" with my torrented BO2 downloaded to it. There are no subfolders. Whenever I select the Dir from the launcher to my correct file it says that T6 Zombies is launching, but nothing gets pulled up. I have been troubleshooting this by deleting the file and reinstalling, renaming the files, making sure the Dir is correct, and I even tried a different version of qBittorrent.

    I would like to play zombies soon, any and all help is appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @ChipotleGod if it just closes but doesn't display any error message the issue are most likely not your files. It could be your AV blocking it: or it could also be missing redistributables, download and run this:

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