Call of duty Bo2 keeps closing randomly and I tried everything

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  • as the title says, my bo2 keeps closing randomly but I have tried everything, I have caught a few key details following the closing of the game.
    The game keeps closing randomly around the time that maps load or in console terms, when the fast file is loading.
    the game could randomly close at any moment but sometimes the fast file completely loads and the game closes later.
    I have a theory as to why this could be, my graphics card isn't strong enough (I run at a solid 130-150 fps all gameplay) or my FOV is too high for the game to actually render (which is blasphemy because if your trying to "Redefine" Bo2 then you should have patched up this annoying little error that proves to be an obstacle in ones gameplay).
    I ask that the developers find a fix and tell me when and how to apply the fix.
    Thank you.

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