Need help for Map Change Option (GSC Menu Private Games)

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  • Hello,
    i have a Problem with the menu iam working on.
    At the moment i do a TS Menu for me and my Friend only for Private games. (Not on a Server)
    Now my friend suggest that i should add a Map Change Option,
    i tryt first the map change from Jiggy 4.3 Source what didnt worked, then i found on
    CabConModding a Change Map Fix (People doesnt get kicked) but that also doesnt work.
    It changes everything but it doesnt execute the map map__name command and i dont know why.
    I know we could easily end the game and change the map then but now i got to fixxed on it, to just let it go.

    Maybe someone had also that Probleme and got a fix for it.
    Code is in the image.

  • @zDxnzii I don't think map() works. If map_restart works you can use the map_restart() function to restart the map.

  • @JezuzLizard map_restart() is like i write in the console "fast_restart". idk why... it doesnt reload the map (The blackscreen with the map review doesnt show up. Just the timer)


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