Steam Deck Aim Assit

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  • Hello I have gotten BO2 plutonium to work quite easily on my steam deck however the only way I can play is through mapping keyboard and mouse buttons to the steam deck as it doesn't recognize it as a controller. Has anyone gotten it to work?

  • Install Lutris's flatpack via Discover
    Use this install script to install the wine prefix with needed dependencies
    Open the recently installed Wine's configuration, and set all of the xinput library overrides to builtin, native.
    Add Lutris or the recently installed Modern Warfare 3 to Steam as a non steam game
    Play in game-mode, steam deck controls should work (hold Steam button and use touch pad to move and click mouse)
    For MW3, for calling in killstreaks, one could add a radial menu to the left touch pad to press 4, 5 and 6.

    Beware of installing other apps in the wine prefix (like steam), it could break xinput for some reason.

  • @INeedGames will this work for BO2 as well? I’ve been trying to get native steam deck controller working for awhile with no success.

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