Plutonium waw stops working after opening new tab

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  • So I was setting up for high rounding on Der Reise and right after I was ready I paused my game and got a youtube playlist going for I could enjoy music in the background. But as soon as I switched back to the waw tab the screen showed nothing but black and my cursor. Does anyone know why this happens and possibly how to fix it? Or is this just a no no thing to do? ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • It's normal, WaW has always been tempermental about being dropped to the desktop even before Plutonium.

    Just don't tab out of the game

  • @MAD_DAD that's not really true

    @JBroZ_Tv the complete explanation is that since WAW is very old it wasn't made to alt tab
    To fix this issue you should play in windowed borderless.
    Never play in fullscreen on WAW no matter if it's Steam or Plutonium

  • @Resxt
    I should have mentioned that it is normal behaviour if running full screen... I always run full screen and if I do alt tab out it either messes up or I get a cycled out kind of error message.

    Tried running in a window but I hate it.

    If you are in the game menu and not playing it seems more stable to alt tab out

  • @MAD_DAD full screen and windowed borderless fullscreen is the same. Only difference is windowed borderless doesn't crash

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