How to enable Unlimited Sprint in MW3?

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  • So within the console, i've found some commands pertaining to sprint duration, but none of them do anything for my sprint, not even unlimited sprint with a 1 next to it.

    sv_cheats 1 doesn't do anything.

    From what I understand, I might need a GSC script but have no idea where to find the right kind. Is there anyone who might have access to such script/code and show me how to add this to my game? thank you very much.

  • You will need GSC for that I'm pretty sure yes.
    I tried some things to no avail.
    What you're asking for seems to be a bit complex.

    Why do you need this? Maybe there's an easier alternative

  • Thank you for your response, I figured it was complex as there's nothing like that on here (I found a thread where a gsc script was shared but it was for BO2)

    I don't need this for any reason other than personal enjoyment on private match. I've always hated sprint limitations (in MW2 theres marathon but i'd rather use scavenger)

  • Afaik, there is no unlimited sprint for iw5. This may require an external dll mod but for servers

  • @Czar_ here are some alternatives that can be combined

    • A script to always give extreme conditionning
    • Another that makes it so that you have the same speed with all weapons you aren't slower when having an lmg or heavy sniper
    • Up the g_speed dvar a bit. Maybe to 209 (+10%)
    • Remove the slow after jumping with jump_slowdownEnable 0
    • Maybe even add bunny hopping to bhop easily until a certain location. It's not realistic/RP but it would work, this is optional but it's the closest to unlimited sprint (out of combat/in zones far from the battle)
  • @Resxt Thank you for your response, the gsc script seems to work but i noticed the perks say quickdraw and sleight of hand, which enable those perks at spawn, which values do I change and what do I change it to for extreme conditioning? thank you so much

  • @Resxt Where do i need to insert these scripts? In which file i found "g_speed" and "jump_slowdownEnable 0"?

  • @PutPut they are dvars, just put them in your game's console or your server cfg like any other dvar

  • @Czar_ simply add/remove perks.
    So for extreme conditioning add this

    if ( !self _hasPerk( "specialty_longersprint" ))
        self givePerk( "specialty_longersprint", false ); // Extreme conditioning
        self givePerk( "specialty_fastmantle", false ); // Extreme conditioning PRO
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