Need Help with Zombieland modded gamemode on my multiplayer server

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  • Hello, I used to mod Bo2 on ps3 years ago on rebug CFW, I'm new to Plutonium and I'm still trying to figure out how everything works in regards to modding. So here is my problem, I have my server setup already, but I can't seem to get any mods loaded including Zombieland, I have the source files and have compiled them, then I put them in my server folder the location I put the GSC files in t6r\data\maps\mp\gametypes then when I connect to the server it's just a normal lobby without Zombieland

    I have also tried putting them in storage\t6\scripts\mp and when I try to launch the server I get this error in the cmd **** 8 script error(s): **** Unresolved external : "drawtext" with 11 parameters in "forgefunctions" at lines 1,1,1 **** **** Unresolved external : "givedestroyedturretmoney" with 2 parameters in "forgefunctions" at line 1 **** **** Unresolved external : "setupturrethealth" w

    If this version of Zombieland will not work on plutonium can someone link me one that will work if you would be so kind, and or if someone can help me find the fix for the one I'm trying to use I will link the source files at the end of this post for you, I would also like to get other mod menus and modded gamemodes working on my server eventually too, I hope we can find what the problem is. Thank you for the help in advance it's much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Source files download link

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