Issue with mouse acceleration and slow vertical sensitivity

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  • I've had a weird issue with BO2 since I started playing a week ago where, despite having cl_mouseAccel disabled, there is noticeable acceleration going on when aiming in this game. I also noticed an issue where my vertical sensitivity is cripplingly slow. Like, if there exists a scalar, it feels like the vertical sens scalar is innately set to 50% of whatever my base sensitivity is. I've searched all over and I can't find shit for answers so that leads me here at my wit's end. Is there anything I can do in the settings for BO2 either in the DVARs or in some config files that can address this?

    Also important to note that this problem is not present in BO1 and WaW, It's been a flawless aiming experience so far in those games, no aim acceleration to speak of. But BO2 for some reason is just unplayable with how fucked the aiming is.

  • Same thing happened to me when i first got the game, go into your mouse settings, then additional mouse settings and turn off pointer precision

  • I had the same thing happen to me and ""I think"" it has to do with fov sensitivity Call of Duty®_ Black Ops II - Zombies 9_25_2022 2_34_15 AM (2).png
    im not sure but when I enable it was fixed for me

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