[MP+ZM] Apoctu's Various Edits [AVE]

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  • Ok so I spent about 10 hours making this shit for myself and figured I'd release it here. I might do guns, gloves, scorestreaks, etc later on but for now I'm just gonna settle for this and go back to actually playing lol

    The following is a pack of various changes I've made. Pick and choose because it's all sorted.
    Download Link

    Red Dot for the Reflex has been cleaned up and made smaller.

    Vanilla Center Cross was uneven and if you care to do your research to look into it, you'll never unsee it. So i made it perfectly even and made it a bit more bold as well as closing it in for a tighter feel.

    Hit Marker was cleaned up and made red. Pops really well and looks great in my opinion. I know this has been done before but all the others were messy so i did it myself.

    Death Marker seemed ugly to me so I made a cool lookin pixel skull and made it a bit smaller so when 5 of your team mates die over and over it doesn't block so much of your view.
    DM Preview.png DM Preview 2.png

    Hit Direction was so god damn messy, ill even include a preview of the old one for you to laugh at. I made a simplified version that I think feels better.
    HotDirectionPreview.png hit_direction.png

    Found the best 15 Prestige icons to fit my liking and slapped em in the game. 1-10 are from Ghosts and the other 5 I can't remember where.

    Last is my personalized Perk Icons. Now, my idea was "You're in the create a class menu adjusting guns, attachments, tacticals, explosives, and... Magic incantations?? Perks felt weird to me because they're just abilities or something so i decided i'd add a bit of a "Hey im also choosing which clothing and devices i'm equipping." These aren't the best or the cleanest and i'd like to revisit them to add a bit more love but for now i'm satisfied."
    PerkPreview3.png PerkPreview2.png PerkPreview1.png
    AND THATS ALL IVE DONE SO FAR! As long as 1 person finds something in here helpful or cool, my time spent was worth it. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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