Mod's Search Path Directory Gets Bugged

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  • After following the instructions on settings up a server, I wanted to load up a mod for it. Joining the server via client for some reason crashes the game after it states that it failed to find the map's .ff file in "zone/english". Looking back at the logs of both server and client, it appears the client log shows that one of the search directory paths has repeated the "mods" folder twice. I tried joining another server with a different mod and it's search path is normal. Any reason as to why this is happening? Both mod folders are in the same directory yet its been happening with my mod though (Courtyard of the Dead Modded 1.0)

    Server Log
    Server Log.jpg

    Client Log
    Client Log.jpg

    Clinic of Evil Mod Client Log
    Clinic of Evil Log.jpg

    My mod's folder directory
    Mod Directory.jpg

    Clinic of Evil mod folder directory
    Clinic of Evil Directory.jpg

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