i keep getting this same error

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  • The error says, Could not authenticate to Plutonium: non-success status code: 401. How do i fix it? PLS HELP

  • That means your launcher or the bootstrap cannot connect to verify the account you used try checking that the internet connection to your computer is good or change DNS but before any of that power cycle (turn off then turn on) your pc it might fix the issue. If none of that works log out of the client and log back into it.

    Edit: I just realized you were not specific at all on which game that was the steps for MW3 that might help as I am not staff so it might not help but also if its BO2 re-run piry.exe but I am not staff this might not help at all.

  • It's for mw3 but thank you ill definitely try those error fixs see if they work.

  • @DemonicRuler I keep getting the same error as well. I have restarted my PC and signed in and out of the launcher and still, I am still receiving the "Could not authenticate to Plutonium: non-success status code: 401" error.

  • @syvl Well dns change if that doesnt fix it try another network or check your firewall I am not staff therefore my fixes might not work

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