Host crashing on Ragnarok during a private match

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  • It happened 3/4 times at this point, during a 2/3 hour match with 3 players the host always freezes and then crashes eventually. We even tried with other people hosting, same result.

    This only happened on nazi_zombie_ragnarok though, any idea why? I'll probably with a dedicated server next time.

  • Majority of custom maps won't work well with dedicated server and it won't fix a potential crash issue either.

    • Make sure that everyone is playing in windowed borderless. Do NOT play in fullscreen on WAW
    • Read any info about the map on the official map topic on a forum or whatever to see if there is any known crash/issue or instructions
    • Make sure you downloaded the latest version of the map. Best way to see is by downloading it from the source instead of a site republishing it
  • Hi @Resxt, tonight I created a dedicated server for ragnarok and it worked, we played for circa 4 hours and we didn't crash.

    • We are playing in borderless

    • Sadly I didn't find too much on ugx-mods, a guy crashed on round 25, and other people just couldn't launch the map at all.

    • I have the latest version of the map

    That's it, we'll probably tomorrow again and I'll update this post

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