Nba 2K16

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  • Is there any way that there could be custom servers for the mypark in 2k16 ?

  • Sorry this forum is for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2.
    Also sorry to mention but there is no one currently dedicating time towards that game to my knowledge to create dedicated servers as no one has even cracked the multiplayer online mode since its release in 2015.
    And it would be even harder now since the servers are down and no one can sniff the packets to see how the data is transferred to make a custom server like they do with games nowadays. This is the issue with most old online titles that are getting shut down since no one dedicated time towards making a server for it before its shut down there is no online alternative.
    Look at xbox live on the first xbox console it was shut down in 2010 and a modder has only got it back online for like 3 games last year so it has been roughly 9 years.

  • That isn't even a PC game.....

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