Offline/LAN without login system

  • I think this is one of the best things created since React IW4
    I mean, clients 'can't' die when having such system.
    Very usefull for testing out mods etc

    Once servers are down (which is most likely to happen especially with clients using masterserver and login system, you basicaly have 17gb of nothing on your pc xD
    You know what I mean...

    Singleplayer = 'It's not a priority'
    Ok I understand, client is new and is focused on MP only, but atleast make SP working
    Spec Ops, Survival and Chaos mode in it is great, not just campaign

  • They say they are supporting LAN but not sure when.

  • go get a nosteam crack, let them focus on multiplayer, there are already functional singleplayer cracks.

  • Type "/openmenu menu_gamesetup_systemlink" without the quotes in console and it will open the LAN game setup. You still have to login but it's something in case the server browser goes out.

  • @Fallen-Sea He is talking about offline lan between Spec Ops players, not just for cracked singleplayer that is everywhere.

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