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  • i got muted for saying something toxic i understand but zaid isnt doing shit besides telling ppl there braindead and they not listening and to stop wasting his time, the whole discord is telling the helpers to help but there toxic and yall arent doing shit i wanna play the game and support it but all u discord helpers are toxic asf, the old plutonium was WAYYYY better nd this update in my oppinion is garbage, please just revert nd everything wil be fine, thank you

  • The devs doesn't get paid for this, spends so much of their time on this only to hear "its garbage" from people like you. Ungrateful prick

  • @gato said in discord helpers, READ:

    in my oppinion is garbage

    Good that nobody asked for it, because by that logic why live in houses when caves where so much better, you didn't even have to built them at all!

    The Discord and forum is overrun by people asking questions from readme and the announcements. They steal all manpower from legit questions. Another big issue is that the same kind of special snowflakes ask in random channels where you first have to figure out about which game he is talking. Also thread hijacking is once again making it hard and stealing time. In the end it boils down to the community trying their best to make it worse.

    Oh look it also took time to write this answer.

  • Zaid and others have been given a warning as well as yourself, it's not unexpected to see the Discord go crazy when an update is launched, there are 80k people in there.

    Thanks for your opinion, it has been noted.

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