How to run your existing game with the new update. + Existing stats

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  • Please ensure you have the actual Black Ops 2 game along with season pass. you can also let a friend borrow a copy thru steam or use the good ol piry tool.
    (Just memorized where you put the folder at)

    Download The Plutonium Launcher

    If your web browser blocks the download or removes it then you will need to tell your web browser to ignore the detection and keep the file. If Windows Defender blocks or removes the file then please download the file linked below and run the .bat file as Administrator. This will add the needed exclusions

    Open plutonium.exe (you shouldn't need to run as administrator) and you should see it start to check for Launcher updates and download any that are required as shown below.

    If the launcher doesn't open. you might need Visual C++ Redistributable Package

    After this you will be shown a login screen, enter your Plutonium Forum Credentials and login. You will need to login every 2 weeks.


    Now select the Black ops 2 icon tab (it should look like the below image) and then click the Setup button. You now need to tell the Launcher where your copy of Black Ops 2 is stored, if you followed the guide in step 1, this location will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call Of Duty Black Ops 2\ if you download from steam.

    Once you've selected your game location it should change to a green Play button.





    Transferring your stats from old PlutoT6 to New PlutoT6

    Go to your black ops 2 root folder
    Double click on t6r
    Double click on player
    Double click on dw
    Double click on Random Hex folder (Mine is 78EC5AD3)

    \t6r\player\dw<your xuid is the folder name>\

    Copy all those files and paste in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plutonium\storage\demonware\18397\user\

    You can use run (windows key) + r to open that folder


    Should look the same as above screenshot. Now boot up your Plutonium launcher.

  • If you get the following error

    Failed to fetch info: Get “” : tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake

    Try a VPN temporary for a work around and turn it off while your launcher is on.

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