How to get unbanned? Plz help.

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  • NEW BO1 Best Maps server has perma banned me. I have no idea why. I was playing one day and was doing well, then out of no where they perma banned me. Is there any way to petition that? That was a good server that was usually full and competitive, any1 else know how to get unbanned?

    Adding I have no other programs running or even installed on this PC. I bought this PC just to play Plutonium, really disappointing to get banned for no reason. Any help is appreciated. The only thing I am using is an xbox controller via wireless adapter into my PC.

  • Plutonium doesn't handle server bans and unbans.
    They can't ban you for software related stuff but note that since it's their server it's their rules. They're free to ban you for any reason if they want to.

    Only solution is to contact them for a ban appeal or to play on other servers

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